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  • Description

    Finally, a Shoulder Holster that lets
    YOU choose how to carry your gun: Horizontally or Vertically!

    A unique design uses one-way snaps, which withstand extreme pressure without unlocking, to let you position the holster and magazine carrier either horizontally or vertically. The sleek, lightweight design offers great weight distribution for all-day comfort and concealability.


    • The specially contoured front straps are made from Cordura and nylon webbing and are wider across the shoulder for comfort and weight distribution. They are padded with a non-slip material that will stabilize and prevent them from slipping or sliding even with heavy guns. It also prevents the back center piece from riding up to your neck.
    • We use a leather back center piece so no hard plastic is ever over your spine when seated or driving.
    • The thin, X-style harness is fully and easily adjustable to fit most torsos. Fits up to 52" chest.

    Holster and Magazine Carrier

    • Open muzzle allows use of guns with different barrel lengths
    • An adjustable thumb break, that fits multiple guns, secures gun in holster. Our thumb breaks come with high quality snaps and are steel reinforced to ensure a quick and precise release every time.
    • Constructed from heavy-duty, genuine Cordura and waterproof close-cell foam padding for a comfortable carry and to protect gun from moisture. Lined for durability and an easy, fast draw.
      An adjustable back strap connects the holster and magazine carrier to prevent forward sway and eliminate the need for tie-downs. The holster and magazine carrier won’t swing forward when drawing your gun or if you bend over.
    • Optional tie-downs included.

    Rig includes harness, holster, one ammo carrier and 2 tie downs. This rig is fully modular, and optional accessories can be purchased separately.

    Right Hand Draw Only!

    Model 34 Modular Shoulder Holster—$69.99


    Self-Defense Guideline Card!
    The steps you must take to keep from going to prison if you use your gun in self-defense. This gift is yours to keep even if you return the holster.

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Modular Shoulder Holster

$69.99 - Complete Rig
Model 34

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Optional Accessories

 Mag Carrier-Single Stack 34SS (Add $19.99 each)
 Mag Carrier-Double Stack 34DS (Add $19.99 each)
 Mag Carrier Connector (Add $7.99) Required to add additional magazine carrier to rig.

For Revolvers

$69.99 - Complete Rig

Order Here


Choose One (1) Ammo Carrier

 Loose Ammo 34LA3 (.38 Spl/.357)
 Loose Ammo 34LA4 (.44 Mag/.45)
 Speed Loader 34SL

Extra Ammo Carriers

 Loose Ammo 34LA3 (Add $19.99 each)
 Loose Ammo 34LA4 (Add $19.99 each)
 Speed Loader 34SL (Add $19.99 each)
 Mag Carrier Connector (Add $7.99) Required to add additional magazine carrier to rig.

Extra Holster

$29.99 - Holster Only
Model 34

Order Here


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