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NEW LOWER PRICE! Pocket Concealment Holster

Model 64

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  • Description

    Our Pocket holster allows you to carry your gun concealed in the most comfortable, convenient way.

    • While allowing the fastest draw possible
    • Lets you casually access the gun without attracting attention
    • Disguises the shape of the gun in your pocket so it doesn't look like a gun
    • Gun remains in the same position inside pocket at all times for easy, quick draw
    • Holster will stay in the pocket when the gun is drawn
    • Prevents the front sight from wearing a hole in your pocket
    • Keeps gun clean

    Constructed from closed cell waterproof foam padding for a comfortable carry and to protect gun from moisture. Lined on both sides with Cordura® nylon for durability and an easy, fast draw. This special material is made exclusively for Active Pro Gear. Made in the USA.

    Pocket Holsters—$19.99


    Self-Defense Guideline Card!
    The steps you must take to keep from going to prison if you use your gun in self-defense.

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