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Leather Wallet Concealment Holster

Model 84

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Fits small .22, .25 and .32 semi-autos: Beretta Tomcat, Model 20, 21A, 950, Seecamp .32


Fits Kahr P380, Kel-Tec P-32 and P-3AT, NAA Guardian, Ruger LCP, SIG P238, Taurus P738. Also fits above guns with Crimson Trace Laser.

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  • Description

    Conceal your small auto pistol in the back pocket of your pants.

    • Looks like a regular wallet when worn, but offers instant access.
    • Holster will stay in the pocket when gun is drawn.
    • Allows the fastest draw possible
    • Lets you casually access the gun without attracting attention
    • Disguises the shape of the gun in your pocket so it doesn't look like a gun
    • Gun remains in the same position inside pocket at all times for easy, quick draw
    • Prevents the front sight from wearing a hole in your pocket
    • Keeps gun clean

    Made from 5/6 oz fine, full-grain leather with rough side out to help keep the holster in place in the pocket. The smooth leather inside provides an easy, fast draw. Tough Bonded nylon thread is used throughout for years of service. Measures 4” x 5” Made in the USA. Available for right and left handed use. Color: Natural (may vary from photo)

    Concealment Leather Wallet Holsters—$39.99


    Self-Defense Guideline Card!
    The steps you must take to keep from going to prison if you use your gun in self-defense.

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