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BCR Shoulder Harness

Model 33

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  • Description

    Carrying your binocular, camera or rangefinder doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck anymore!

    Enjoy the outdoors again with our Binocular/Camera/Rangefinder Shoulder Harness.

    • Removes the weight from your neck and redistributes it across your back and shoulders for a more comfortable carry. Makes your optics feel lighter.
    • Prevents your optics from swinging around when you’re moving, freeing up the use of your hands. Yet still allows you to bring them instantly to your eyes.
    • Quick-change snap hook system lets you easily change from camera to binocular or rangefinder in an instant.
    • The fully adjustable elastic straps absorb any jolts when you are walking. This eliminates neck and shoulder fatigue, especially when wearing the harness for any extended period of time.
    • Works with all sizes of cameras, binoculars and rangefinders.

    Features rugged, lightweight polymer hooks, four black rust-resistant split rings, fine leather back centerpiece and high quality elastic straps. One size fits most. Color: Black. Made in USA.

    Model 33 BCR Shoulder Harness - $19.99

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