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Defender Concealment Holster

Model M1B & M2B

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Optional Accessories

 Thumb Break (Add $4.99 each)*

 Dual Single Stack Mag Holder (Add $7.99 ea)

 Dual Double Stack Mag Holder (Add $7.99 ea)

*What is a Thumb Break?

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  • Description

    “Is your Life Worth $34.99?”

    This new, inside-the-pants, belt-type concealment holster allows you to carry your gun without the need to wear a jacket. Nothing shows on the outside. There is no "give-away" clip to reveal you are carrying a concealed weapon or limit how low on the waistline you can place your handgun. The design holds the gun very close to your body for maximum concealment. The Defender™ is a quality holster designed for no-nonsense, practical everyday use.

    You can effectively carry, completely concealed, from large frame semi-autos and revolvers to small .25 caliber pistols and everything in-between, along with extra ammo, without a jacket!
    Allows you to have immediate access to your gun.
    Allows for a smooth, fast draw.
    Gun can be positioned anywhere around waist.
    It will solve your concealment needs for several guns at one low price, saving you money.

    Black Made in the USA.

    Defender Concealment Holster—$34.99

    Designed by us over 25 years ago. Copied countless of times by other companies. Still the best and the only one with a Lifetime Guarantee!


    Self-Defense Guideline Card!
    The steps you must take to keep from going to prison if you use your gun in self-defense.

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