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Pocket Holsters

No single holster will work for all situations. Your body type, lifestyle (including the clothes you wear and your job), and personal preference will determine which holsters are best suited for you. A combination of holsters to cover different situations usually works best for most people.

Model 64 Front Pocket Holsters

Model 21 Concealment Wallet Holsters

Model 64RA Pocket Concealment Holster with Ammo

Model 28 Pocket Magazine Carrier

Pocket Holsters
Carry concealed in the most comfortable, convenient way.

Concealment Wallet Holster

Pocket Concealment Holster with Ammo

Pocket Magazine Carrier

Model 83 Leather Front Pocket Concealment Holsters

Model 84 Concealment Leather Wallet Holsters

Model 35 Leather Thumb Tab Pocket Concealment Holster

36 Leather Pocket Concealemnt Holster with Guard

Leather Pocket Holsters

Concealment Leather Wallet Holsters

Leather Thumb Tab Pocket Concealment Holsters

Leather Pocket Concealment Holster with Guard

Model 50 Cargo Pocket Holsters



Cargo Pocket Holsters





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