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APG Formula 24 CLP


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Model 41 APG Formula 24 CLP



APG Formula 24 Cleaner, Lubricant, Preservative

Technologically-advanced, all-in-one cleaner, lubricant, and rust preventive formula.

Formulated with next-generation, high-performance synthetic oils and specialized additives to provide superior cleaning, lubrication and corrosion protection.

  • Penetrates to loosen and remove corrosion, carbon, dirt, and powder residue for fast, easy cleaning.
  • Leaves a lubricant film that keeps on working to inhibit future fouling buildup, so guns clean up more quickly and easily.
  • The more you use APG Formula 24 CLP the easier it becomes to clean your firearms.
  • With repeated applications, APG FORMULA 24 CLP forms a slick, long-lasting lubricating film that won’t lose viscosity or dry out at temperatures ranging from -60° F. to +500° F.
  • Will stick to semi-auto actions and work longer than most gun oils.
  • This protective surface film reduces friction and keeps actions working smoothly by reducing metal-to-metal wear.
  • Will not gum-up or get sticky under a wide range of extreme conditions such as high temperature, cold, dust and high humidity.
  • Excellent moisture displacing properties. Will rapidly displace moisture from metal pores and recesses to combat rust caused by moisture and other contaminants.
  • Forms a long-lasting protective film which seals out moisture for excellent rust protection on all metal surfaces.
  • Great for long-term storage as it won’t evaporate, separate, or gum-up over time.
  • Harmless to plastic and rubber.

Available in convenient 8 oz plastic bottle with no mess twist-open, dropper-top for precise, one-drop at a time application.

Test it against whatever you’re using now. You’ll find APG Formula 24 CLP is better and costs less! Made in USA.

Additional information

Weight.75 lbs


Q – Is this a rebranded product from another company?

A – No. This is a brand new formulation and is proprietary to our company. We wanted to offer the same corrosion protection as BreakFree CLP but with better lubrication. Our tests show we have matched or exceeded BreakFree in every way.

Q – Is Formula 24 CLP use limited to just firearms?

A – No. Formula 24 CLP is a multi-purpose lubricant, preserver and will work to clean, lubricate and protect:

  • Cars and trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycles
  • Boats
  • Private aircraft
  • Sporting equipment
  • Tools
  • Household appliances
  • Much more


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