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AR Magazine Carrier Band


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This product is part of the AR Magazine Carrier Band Kit

The most comfortable and easiest way to carry your magazines and gear for low-profile operations or at the shooting range.

The Magazine Carrier Band is a modular, multi-purpose belly band that hugs the body with a 4-inch elastic band for a tailored fit. The minimal design makes your magazines and gear disappear under your clothes. Anyone undertaking low-profile or covert activities, such as plain-clothes law enforcement, military, security, or civilian, needs this magazine carrier. Or if you just want to spend a day at the shooting range and have all your magazines and gear right at your fingertips.

It allows you to carry multiple pouches that accommodate AR-15/M4 30-round magazines, either polymer or aluminum. The pistol magazine carrier accommodates single and double-stack magazines. Plus, it also carries other gear such as tourniquets, radios, phones, IFAK, folding knives, multi-tools, small flashlights, and many others.

With the magazine carrier, you just loop all the pouches you want onto the elastic band. They will stay put. You then wrap the elastic band around your waist, insert your magazines, and go. You can place your magazines and other gear anywhere around your waist in the position you want.

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