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Ambidextrous Multi-Gun Belt Slide Holster

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Model 76 Multi-Gun Belt Slide Holster



This Belt Slide Holster provides a comfortable, secure and concealed carry for multiple guns at an affordable price.

The open top design provides a smooth fast draw, plus the open muzzle lets you carry multi guns with different barrel lengths. Carries your gun two ways. Between the belt and pants or on the belt.

When worn between belt and pants, the belt pressure keeps gun very secure, while pulling it close to your body for great concealment. Removable retention strap for security included for on belt carry. Ambidextrous Design. Constructed from waterproof closed-cell foam padding for a comfortable carry and lined on both sides with Cordura® nylon for durability.

If you want to conceal a large gun, but don’t want an in-the-pants holster, then the Belt Slide holster is an excellent choice. Fits small to large autos and most revolvers. Fits belts up to 1-1/2″. Made in the USA.

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Weight.11 lbs


Model 76 with Thumb BreakAdjustable Thumb Break
Deluxe thumb break with steel stiffener provides security, plus super fast access to your gun. Fully adjustable.

With a thumb break you are able to draw your gun much faster, using only one hand, than with the standard retention strap.

The thumb break is a two-piece retaining device that is placed over your gun to secure it inside the holster. The two parts are held together by a snap and released by a pushing motion of your thumb against the back stiff-top part. Velcro secures the thumb break to the holster body.

Previous Reviews

Model 76 Multi Gun Belt Slide Holster Review

Model 76 Multi Gun Belt Slide Holster Review

Model 76 Multi Gun Belt Slide Holster Review

“Gun freely comes out without a problem and has never snagged on the sights. When using a shorter shirt I slide the holster back a bit and place the barrel in my back pocket. 357 Uberti Cattleman on my left your right revolver is 11” long single action with 4” barrel. Tucks in tight and is comfortable, no one has ever commented on spotting it. I only had to use my revolver once when kids on drugs tried to rob me late at night at a gas station in the mountains. All I had to do was open my shirt preparing to draw the revolver and they took off running. I was thankful. They were using knives which they left behind. I turned them over to local law enforcement to check for prints. I guide hikes and the area has a lot of wild hogs, and some mountain lions. We need to protect our clients but many are environmentalists and they have a hissy fit if they knew we carried, However when an emergency arises where they were in danger they are ready to kiss you. I have carried it on hikes for 10 or more miles with no problems at all. Also have carried in town and with a loose oversized shirt it hugs my side enough to not print.”
C.N., Lebec, CA

2 reviews for Ambidextrous Multi-Gun Belt Slide Holster

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    It works well for many different caliber of weapons it’s goods and holds just right.
    Some folks say it’s hard to re-holster true however, I want to be able to draw it fast.
    I can take my time putting back.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    My #1 hiking/outdoor holster. Holds all 4 of my handguns and is priced well. I really can not ask for more.

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