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SafeGuard Dual Gun Concealment Holster

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Model 66 SafeGuard Dual Gun Concealment Holster
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CLOSEOUT SALE! 55% Off! This product is being discontinued. When the limited stock is gone it will no longer be available. See Defender for a similar product.

Wear anything you want with the SafeGuard Dual Gun Concealment Holster

This new, inside-the-waistband (IWB), belly band-type SafeGuard Concealment Holster allows you to conceal carry up to two guns or extra magazines in comfort while wearing anything you want—shorts, jeans, t-shirts, pants, sweats. Nothing shows on the outside. There is no “give-away” belt clip to reveal you are carrying a concealed weapon or limit how low on the waistline you can place your handgun.

The unique design holds the gun very close to your body for maximum concealment.  The tension from your clothes and belt will hold the gun close to your body and make the gun “disappear”. The SafeGuard Concealment Holster is a quality IWB holster designed for no-nonsense, practical everyday use. It is one of the most versatile and comfortable method of deep concealment available.

You can wear it in almost every situation! Whether you dress up with a tucked-in shirt for the office or go to the gym in a t-shirt, The SafeGuard Concealment Holster will be there, totally concealed and ready!

  • EFFECTIVE DESIGN: You can effectively carry, completely concealed, from large frame semi-autos and revolvers to small .25 caliber pistols and everything in-between, along with extra ammo, without a jacket!
  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS: You have immediate access to your gun.
  • FAST DRAW: Allows for a smooth, fast draw.
  • FEELS WEIGHTLESS: Distributes the weight of your gun around your hips making it feel almost weightless.
  • EXTRA ITEMS: The pocket can carry extra magazines, speed strips, money, folding knife, flashlight, multi-tool or other small items.
  • POSITION ANYWHERE: Gun can be positioned anywhere around waist including strong side, crossdraw, and appendix positions.
  • FOR BOTH: Fits both men and women
  • SAVE MONEY: It will solve your concealment needs for several guns at one low price, saving you money.
  • QUALITY PRODUCT: Made from premium USA-Made breathable elastic and Velcro for extreme concealability. This special lightweight, long-lasting elastic has a unique plush finish on one side so it feels like velvet on your skin for a comfortable, all-day carry. You’ll forget you’re carrying a gun! Full 4″ wide.
  • FINEST MATERIALS: We use only the finest bonded nylon thread and all stress points are double stitched for extra strength and durability.
  • USA: Designed and Made in the USA.
  • AMBIDEXTROUS: Will work for either right or left-hand draw.

The Self-Defense Guideline Card! The seven steps you must take to keep you from going to prison if you ever have to use your gun in self-defense.
This card reveals, step-by-step, exactly what to do after the confrontation ends and the confusion begins. It contains vital information to protect you! If you carry a gun for protection, you can’t afford to be without this card. Get your card absolutely free, just by trying the SafeGuard Concealment Holster—at no risk to you!

If you’re not more than delighted with the SafeGuard’s quality construction, unsurpassed versatility and comfort, just return it within one year for a full refund. You still get to keep your free gift—The Self-Defense Guideline Card—as a way of saying “thanks for giving the SafeGuard a try”

Fits most handguns such as Glock 19, 26, 43, Sig Sauer P365, Beretta, Springfield, M&P Shield, Ruger LC9, Taurus, Kahr, Kimber, Kel Tec, Bersa, Walther, S&W, 380, 40 Auto, 38 special, 45 ACP, 357, 9mm, 10mm, and many more.

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3 reviews for SafeGuard Dual Gun Concealment Holster

  1. Greg

    Even though it is very similar to the Defender of which I own 2 of I decided to give this a try. I like it and it works well, but I still prefer the Defender. I would recommend this model if your preferred carry position is appendix. (Mine is not) 4 stars

  2. Maynard T Long

    I liked the fact that the holster material did not cause a sweat problem. I was not 100% happy with the fact that the unit required using the pants to hold the top of the gun against the body but using it that way did secure the gun very well. I have several Active Pro Gear products and think they are great products and I carry every day using the deep conceal units I have had for years.

  3. Victor Torres

    Great holster! Fits well and gun actually appears to “disappear”

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