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Thigh Gun Holster for concealed carry

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Model 38 Thigh Concealment Holster

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Thigh Gun Holster. For ladies who don’t want to be limited to what they can wear in order to conceal carry. Now you can carry concealed, even in your form-fitting skirts and dresses.

Ladies, with the Thigh Gun Holster, you can wear what you want! You wear the thigh gun holster around your thigh and secured it with hook and loop closures. No more risky off-body concealed carry in your purse.

  • The Thigh Gun Holster allows you to wear your pistol or revolver on the inside or outside of your thigh.
  • The retention strap keeps your gun securely in place. It can be trimmed to fit your specific gun.
  • Comes with a specially designed belt strap that prevents the holster from sliding down. The belt simply wraps around your waist and attaches to the holster with Velcro. (For waist sizes up to 39 inches.)
  • Made of high-quality, breathable, four-inch elastic with hook and loop closure. This specially made elastic has a plush finish on the side that touches your skin for a smooth, comfortable all-day or night fit.
  • The hook and loop closure ensures a secure, adjustable fit and easy on and off.
  • Available in black and beautifully accented with purple decorative lace.
  • Available in 4 lengths, Small (18-21″), Medium (22-25″), Large (26-29”) and XLarge (30-33″). Use a measuring tape to measure around fullest part of the thigh, about 5 or 6 inches above your knee for best fit.
  • This holster is intended for small to subcompact, lightweight pistols or revolvers with single stack magazines.
  • Right Hand Draw. Left Hand Draw models made to order.
  • Designed and Made in the USA

If you like or need to wear skirts or dresses, there isn’t a better concealed carry solution. Order right now!

The Self-Defense Guideline Card! The seven steps you must take to keep you from going to prison if you ever have to use your gun in self-defense. This card reveals, step-by-step, exactly what to do after the confrontation ends and the confusion begins. It contains vital information to protect you! If you carry a gun for protection, you can’t afford to be without this card in your wallet or purse. Now you can get this card absolutely free, just by trying the Thigh Gun Holster!

Money Back Guarantee: If you’re not more than delighted with the Thigh gun holster’s quality construction, unsurpassed versatility and comfort, just return it within one year for a full refund. You’ll still get to keep your free gift—The Self-Defense Guideline Card—as a way of saying “thanks for giving the Thigh Gun Holster a try”

Fits most handguns such as Glock 43, Sig Sauer P365, Beretta NANO, PICO, Springfield, M&P Shield, Ruger LC9, Taurus, Kahr PM9/CM9, Kimber, Kel Tec, Bersa, Walther, S&W, 380, 40 Auto, 38 special, 45 ACP, 357, 9mm, and many more.

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Additional information

Weight.34 lbs
Select Gun Model

ASTRA: A-60, Constable .380, BERETTA: 21, BOBCAT, TOMCAT, BERETTA: NANO 9mm, BERETTA: PICO 380, BERSA: THUNDER 380, 22LR, BERSA: THUNDER 380CC, BROWNING: BDA .380, CHARTER ARMS: Mag Pug, Off Duty, Pathfinder – J-Frame 2” BL, CHARTER ARMS: Undercover, Undercoverette – J-Frame 2” BL, COBRA PATRIOT: 380, COLT: Agent, Cobra, Detective Special, Lady Special, Lawman, COLT: Defender, New Agent, Officer Model, COLT: Mustang Pocketlite, Pocket Nine, Pony, CZ: 70, 82, DIAMONDBACK: DB-380, DIAMONDBACK: DB-9, EAA: Windicator 2” BL, EAA: Zastava M88, FEG: PMK .380, GLOCK: 42, GLOCK: 43, 43X, KAHR: CW9, CW40, CW45, K9, K40, P9, P40, P45, KAHR: P380, CW380, KAHR: PM9, PM40/45, CM9, CM40/45, CT380, MK9/40, KEL-TEC: P-11, KEL-TEC: P-32, P-3AT, KIMBER: Solo 9 9mm, Micro Carry 380, KIMBER: Ultra Carry, Ultra Elite, Ultra CDP, MAKAROV: Makarov, MOSSBERG: MC1sc, NAA: Guardian, PARA ORD: Executive Carry, LDA Carry, Elite Carry, Expert Carry, PARA ORD: LDA Officer, Elite Office, PARA ORD: Warthog, REMINGTON: RM380, ROHRBAUGH: R9, R9S, 380, 380S, ROSSI: R351, R352 J-Frame 2” BL, RUGER: LC9, LC9S, LC380, EC9, RUGER: LCP 380, LCP II, RUGER: SR1911 Officer Size, S&W: 315, 317, 340, 351, 360, 442 J-Frame 2” BL, S&W: 637, 638, 640, 642, 649 J-Frame 2” BL, S&W: Bodyguard .38 SPECIAL, S&W: Bodyguard .380, S&W: M&P 340, M&P 360, S&W: M&P Shield, SCCY (SKKY): CPX-1, CPX-2, SIG: P230, P232, SIG: P238, SIG: P239, P290, SIG: P320 Sub Compact, SIG: P365, SIG: P938, SPRINGFIELD: 911 .380 ACP, SPRINGFIELD: 911 9mm, SPRINGFIELD: EMP, Micro, SPRINGFIELD: XD-S 9mm or 45 ACP, TAURUS: 1911 Officer Size, TAURUS: 22, 25, TAURUS: 58, TAURUS: 651, 731, 85, 856, 94, CIA Revolvers J-Frame 2” BL, TAURUS: 709 Slim, TAURUS: 738, TAURUS: SPECTRUM, WALTHER: PPK & PPKs, WILSON: Micro, Micro 9, Ultra, K6s

Select Size

Small: 18-21", Medium: 22-25", Large: 26-29", XLarge: 30-33"

Sizes/Fit List

If in-between sizes, choose smaller size.




8 reviews for Thigh Gun Holster for concealed carry

  1. Nicole B

    I really like this holster. I would have liked a better explanation of how to wear (I’m new to CC) but I have a problem with the lace creating a bulge and figuring out all the straps. I guess I just have to play with it to figure it out. It is well made and I know I will love it once I get it just right.

  2. Jenn.P.V.

    Gets the job done! I wear it to work and out around town, never again will my gun be in my purse. I carry my Glock 42 and it is undetectable.

  3. Magen M

    Holds my Pico perfectly, recommended and at a good price point.

  4. Julie

    Looks good and works. Very happy camper so far.

  5. Vicky

    Cute holster and effective holster . Easy to wear and if you have a light gun the waist strap is not needed. No one at work has the slightest idea its on, very satisfied!

  6. Laura

    I now own one in white and black. I have recommended to various friends it works good and comfortable. Add on top of that it is half the price compared to some competitors.

  7. Cindy

    Have used for 2 weeks now and i am very happy with it.

  8. Melinda G

    I love it, Never leave the house without it and my LCPII

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