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Legal and Warning Notice

Carefully read and understand the “Important Information” section before using this holster. Never place a loaded gun into a holster without first testing for proper fit with an unloaded gun. Check to make sure chamber is empty. If it does not fit properly and safely, do not use the holster.

Important Information

It is solely the buyer’s responsibility to know his/hers federal, state and local conceal carry laws.

Use of any handgun can be dangerous and may cause serious injury or death. Keep guns out of reach of children and anyone that should not have access to one. No person should handle a gun unless they have successfully passed an accredited firearms safety course. Great care must be used at all times, especially when putting the gun into or removing it from any holster. Do not depend on your holster to keep your gun from an unauthorized person.

Active Pro Gear Inc., designs its holsters for use with standard factory guns only. Use of trigger shoes, grip adapters or any other after-market device could make the gun unsafe and such gun should not be placed in a holster. Do not modify your gun or holster in any way.

Carrying a firearm with a live cartridge in the chamber in line with the firing pin could result in an accidental discharge. Carrying a semi-automatic pistol with the hammer cocked and the safety engaged (cocked and locked) or in a ready to fire condition can be dangerous. Do not carry your gun in this condition unless you have professional training and skills. Refer to the gun manufacturer’s safety and instruction manual on how to safely carry your particular gun. If equipped with a manual safety, always engage to “safe” position before you holster.

Never place a loaded gun into a holster without first testing for proper fit with an unloaded gun. If it does not fit properly and safely, do not use the holster. Make sure you have the right holster for your gun. Do not use any holster unless you are sure that it was made to fit your gun. Keep fingers, clothing, thumb break, retaining strap or other objects out of the holster and out of the trigger guard as you holster and draw your gun, or an accidental discharge might occur. Never cock a gun while holstered, as it may cause an accidental discharge and can cause damage to both gun and holster. Always place your thumb on the back of the slide or hammer to hold the slide and hammer forward when you holster.

No product will last forever. It is the user’s responsibility to inspect this product and its hardware (including, but not limited to, snaps, screws, hook and loop fasteners) for proper fit and function before every use. DO NOT USE a holster if it becomes worn, loose, broken or does not work properly in any way.

No holster can be manufactured to completely secure your gun from being taken away by another person or from coming out during vigorous physical activity. During vigorous physical activity, such as running or jumping, the gun should be held in place with your hand to prevent the gun from falling out of the holster. Retaining straps must be used when provided with holster. It is the wearer’s responsibility to exercise gun retention practices.

Terms Of Sale

All Active Pro Gear Inc., products are sold “as is” and “with all faults”. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the product is with the buyer. Should the product prove defective following purchase, the buyer and not the manufacturer, distributor or retailer assumes the entire risk of all necessary serving or repairs. Active Pro Gear Inc. makes no other warranties. Unless prohibited by applicable state law, the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and all other warranties, expressed or implied, are excluded and do not apply to sales of Active Pro Gear Inc. products. It is solely the buyer’s responsibility to determine the fitness or suitability of any Active Pro Gear Inc. product for a particular use. Liability for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of any Active Pro Gear Inc. product is expressly disclaimed and excluded. It is understood that Miami, Florida will be recognized as having venue and jurisdiction.

Important Points

  • Very important: With an unloaded gun, practice drawing it from the holster until you become proficient.
  • Maintain control and possession of your handgun at all times!
  • Do not use any holster to store your gun.
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