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Minimalist Chest Rig

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The Minimalist Chest Rig is a low-profile, ultra-lightweight magazine carrying system.

Simple, minimalist design. This quick release minimalist chest rig holds 4 standard M4 magazines (polymer or metal) and two double-stack pistol magazines. It’s very low-profile lets you conceal carry beneath a light jacket or sweatshirt. This rig will carry everything you need without any excess bulk, weight, or complexity. You have immediate access to everything and enjoy hands-free freedom of movement.

Magazine retention is excellent. Yet it’s incredibly easy and fast to withdraw the magazines for high-speed reloads. You can also carry items such as smoke and flash-bang grenades,  radios, first aid kits, multi-tools, water bottles, and tourniquets. Designed to not interfere with anything you carry around your waist.

Constructed of elastic, this versatile chest rig is lightweight, comfortable, and simple to use. Use it when a full-load rig is not needed. When you go to the range, training, backpacking, trail running, hiking, and mountain biking.

It comes with two adjustable shoulder straps that won’t restrict your movement. And an adjustable back strap, that wraps around your lower back, to keep your magazines close to your body. They are made from high-quality nylon webbing and use side-release buckles for easy on and off.

They distribute the weight across the back and shoulders making it comfortable to carry for an extended amount of time. Shoulder straps adjust to a maximum length of 58 Inches with an “X” configuration. Back strap a maximum of 52 inches.

This is an American designed and made in the USA product at an affordable price.

The low-profile straps on this minimalist chest rig allow you to carry a backpack without added bulk. Which can interfere with shouldering a weapon.

Keep one near your AR-15/M4 for home defense or your Bug-Out Bag.

If you’re not more than delighted with the Minimalist Chest Rig’s quality construction, unsurpassed versatility, and comfort, just return it within one year of purchase for a full refund.



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