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Product Care

Thank you for purchasing an Active Pro Gear product. Below are product care information to help you keep your purchase in top condition for years to come.


Synthetic Material products

Please allow several weeks of use for the holster to form fit to your gun or magazine carriers to magazines.

Products that use Belt Clips

Do not use these products with sweatpants or unsupported elastic waistband pants. You must use a belt with these products.

Models with Thumb Breaks

You must use the Thumb Break provided with your holster at all times! The thumb break secures your handgun inside the holster to prevent it from coming out of the holster! If the thumb break is not used or properly attached, your handgun may come out of the holster!

Be sure to keep thumb break and the retaining strap out of the holster and out of the trigger guard as you holster and draw your gun, or an accidental discharge might occur.

Tuckable Holsters

Tuckable holsters can be used with tucked-in as well as untucked shirts. Just tuck-in shirt over gun into your pants to completely conceal your gun. To draw your gun simply pull up on the shirt with your weak hand to expose the gun’s grip. Grasp the grip with your firing hand and pull gun out.

Models with Tension Screw Adjustments

If the holster or product uses tension screws, loosen them in order to holster your gun the first time. The tension screw(s) is not factory preset. You must adjust the tension for your use. The tension screw allows a limited amount of adjustability and is not meant as a security or retention device. Over-tightening the tension screw could prevent you from removing the gun from this product. Check the adjustments and screw (with an unloaded gun) before each use, and any time the position of the adjustable tension screw could have changed. Check the tension and adjust, if needed, while wearing the holster. Do not use Loctite™ or similar product on the adjustable screw. Do not remove the tension units.

Models with One-Way Snaps

One-Way or Pull-The-Dot locking snap fasteners are designed to withstand extreme pressure without unlocking, yet when pulled from the bottom will release instantly. To attach, press on the snaps with firm pressure. To release the snaps, lift from the bottom.

Models made of leather

Holster fit and break in.

Use an UNLOADED GUN for testing holster fit. By design, your holster will fit tight at first. With use, the leather fibers will stretch to provide a proper fit. (Don’t force your gun into the holster if the fit is too tight. It may be difficult to unholster your gun.)

Do not apply any kind of oil or leather softener to your holster. These will soften the leather so it will not retain the mold and consequently lose its retention properties.

If you can holster your gun without forcing it, work the gun in and out of the holster a few dozen times. Next, wear the holster and with your unloaded gun, repeatedly draw it in and out. The natural movements of your body will further help break it in.

If the holster is overly tight you can stretch it by inserting your completely unloaded gun into a thin nylon dress sock and force the gun and sock into the holster, twisting the gun as you do so until the gun is fully seated in the holster. Allow the gun to remain in the holster overnight. Next, repeatedly draw your gun in and out of the holster a few dozen times. Remove the sock and try drawing your gun. If it is still too tight, repeat the process.

If your holster has a retention strap it may be difficult at first to get it to snap close. With your completely unloaded gun fully seated in the holster, hold the gun grip with one hand and push on the gun while pulling the retention strap with your other hand. Keep constant pressure on the strap as you bring it over your gun to meet the other half of the snap. Have patience. With a little work the strap will stretch and you will get it to snap.

Once you have the strap snapped over your gun, keep it fastened overnight. Repeating this process will eventually stretch the strap to the point where it will easily snap close.

Care and Maintenance of Leather

Use a slightly damp (almost dry) soft cloth to wipe down your holster to remove light dirt. If it’s really dirty from perspiration build up, use a small amount of saddle soap on a damp cloth. Be sure to completely wipe off any soap residue with a damp cloth.

Do not wet your holster with water or any other liquid. If it does get wet, air dry the leather – do not use a hair dryer, oven, radiator, or direct sunlight. A fan, circulating room temperature air, may help speed up the drying.

Leather is a natural product that may have marking and imperfections. These are natural and give leather its character. These markings and imperfections do not affect the function of your holster in any way. Also the inside of a leather holster, especially when the smooth side of the leather is inside, will scratch or etch when holstering your gun for the first time. This is normal and will actually enhance the fit of the holster to your gun.

It is highly recommended that a 1½” or 1¾” reinforced gun belt be used with leather holsters.

Concealment and Maintenance Tips

  • To compensate for the added thickness of the gun and holster clothing should be loose fitting. For In-The-Pants type holsters, garments one size larger at the waist than what you normally wear will greatly add to your comfort and concealability. Clothing with elastic waist bands are very comfortable with these types of holsters.
  • Dark color outer wear will greatly add to concealability.
  • Very tight fitting clothes may expose protruding bulges “advertising” that you are carrying a concealed gun. Constantly adjusting or touching the area where your gun is will also be a dead give-away. Resist the urge to constantly check your gun.
  • If you place your gun in the Appendix position (front right groin area) be careful when sitting down, crouching or bending over. Your thigh may push up on the barrel and push the gun out of the holster. Use the retention strap and position the holster higher on the waist line to prevent this from happening.
  • Bending over at the waist or reaching for items high overhead with the arm where your gun is positioned may cause your shirt to ride up and expose your gun. Bend at the knees and reach overhead with the arm opposite where you positioned your gun to prevent this from happening.
  • Maintain your gun lightly oiled at all times. Check your gun for rust and pitting often. The quickest way to protect your gun against rust is to wipe the entire outside with an oily rag at least once a week. If you use a revolver, rotate the cylinder often. The cylinder is more likely to rust if only one area is constantly exposed to perspiration.
  • Do not machine wash or dry any of our products. Spot clean, using a moist cloth and wipe clean when needed. Drip dry.
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