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Concealed Carry Gun Holster IWB Push Draw

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Model 44 Nylon IWB Push Draw Concealment Holsters

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Push Draw Concealed Carry Gun Holsters. The deep down concealment gun holster. Only you know you are concealed carrying.

The IWB Push Draw concealed carry gun holster lets you wear what you want. They are designed for deep cover concealment of small pistols or revolvers. The pistol rides low inside your waistband with the top of your gun level with your belt line. Only the slim belt clip is visible. To draw, you simply push up on the barrel of the pistol through your pants to expose the grip for a fast, smooth draw. It has a straight up cant, perfect for strong side, crossdraw or appendix conceal carry. This gun holster design prevents your gun from rubbing against your skin for a more comfortable, extended all-day carry. IWB Push Draw concealed carry gun holster keeps your gun close to your body for maximum concealment, making it almost “disappear”. This is a quality IWB holster designed for no-nonsense, practical everyday carry use.

  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS: You have immediate access to your gun.
  • FAST DRAW: Open top design offers a smooth, fast draw.
  • FOR BOTH: Fits both men and women
  • QUALITY PRODUCT: Made of waterproof, high-tech closed-cell foam padding for a comfortable carry and to protect your gun from moisture.
  • CUSTOM FIT: This foam, with time and usage, will conform to the shape of your gun giving you a custom fit.
  • FINEST MATERIALS: Lined on both sides with rugged Cordura® nylon for durability and a smooth, fast draw. Sewn with the finest heavy-duty bonded nylon thread for extra strength and durability. Reinforced at all stress points for longer life.
  • CONCEALMENT: This holster design provides great concealment with a full combat grip.
  • BELT CLIP: Heavy-duty, black polymer clip that fits up to 1½” belts keep holster secured to belt.
  • DRAW: Available in right or left-hand models.
  • USA: Proudly Designed and Made in the USA. Built for long-term service. The inspection of each individual holster ensures the highest quality in both material and craftsmanship.

FREE GIFT INCLUDED WITH EACH HOLSTER The Self-Defense Guideline Card! The seven steps you must take to keep you from going to prison if you ever have to use your gun in self-defense. This card reveals, step-by-step, exactly what to do after the confrontation ends and the confusion begins. It contains vital information to protect you! If you carry a gun for protection, you can’t afford to be without this card in your wallet or purse. Now you can get this card absolutely free, just by trying the Push Draw Concealed Carry Gun Holster—at no risk to you!

GUARANTEE Money Back Guarantee: If you’re not more than delighted with the Push Draw Concealed Carry Gun Holster’s quality construction, unsurpassed versatility and comfort, just return it within one year for a full refund. You still get to keep your free gift—The Self-Defense Guideline Card—as a way of saying “thanks for giving the Push Draw Concealed Carry Gun Holster a try”

Notice: The IWB Push Draw Concealment Holster is designed for maximum concealment, and is NOT intended for one-handed re-holstering and should not be used for such applications. Fits most handguns such as Glock 19, 26, 43, Sig Sauer P365, Beretta, Springfield, M&P Shield, Ruger LC9, Taurus, Kahr, Kimber, Kel Tec, Bersa, Walther, S&W, 380, 40 Auto, 38 special, 45 ACP, 357, 9mm, and many more. Better together. Check out the IWB Magazine Carriers, Ankle Magazine/Tool Carrier


Additional information

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ASTRA: A-60, Constable .380, A-75, A-80, A-90, A-100, BERETTA: 9000S, BERETTA: NANO; NANO w/Crimson Trace, BERETTA: PX4 STORM Sub-Compact, BERETTA: PICO 380, BERSA: BP9CC/BP40CC, BERSA: THUNDER 380CC, BERSA: THUNDER 380, Firestorm, BERSA: THUNDER 9/40/.45 Compact Pro, BROWNING: BDA .380, CHARTER ARMS: ALL J-Frame 2 Inch BBL, COBRA PATRIOT: 380, COLT: Agent, Cobra, Detective Special, Lady Special, Lawman, COLT: Defender, New Agent, Officer Model, COLT: Mustang Pocketlite, Pocket Nine, Pony, CZ: 70, 82, 83, 2075 RAMI, DIAMONDBACK: DB-380; DB-380 w/Crimson Trace, DIAMONDBACK: DB-9, EAA: Witness Compact, Zastava EZ Compact, EAA: Windicator 2 Inch BBL, FEG: PMK .380, GLOCK 19, GLOCK: 42; 42 w/Crimson Trace, GLOCK: 26, 27; 33, 39; 26 w/Crimson Trace, GLOCK: 43, GLOCK: 43 w/Crimson Trace, GLOCK: 43X, GLOCK: 48, GLOCK: 43X w/Crimson Trace, GLOCK: 48 w/Crimson Trace, H&K: VP9SK, H&K: P30SK, H&K: P2000 SK, P7/P7M8, USP Compact 9mm/.40, HI-POINT: C-9, CF-380, KAHR: PM9/40; CM9/40; PM9/40; CM9/40 w/Crimson Trace, KAHR: CW9, CW40, CW45, K9, K40, P9, P40, P45, KAHR: PM45, CM45; PM45, CM45 w/Crimson Trace, KAHR: P380, CW380; P380, CW380 w/Crimson Trace, KEL-TEC: P-32, P-3AT; P-3AT & P-32 w/Crimson Trace, KEL-TEC: P-11, KEL-TEC: PF-9; PF-9 w/Crimson Trace, KIMBER: Solo 9 9mm, Micro Carry 380, MAKAROV: Makarov, MOSSBERG: MC1sc, PARA ORD: Carry, CCO, HAWG, P10, P12, PDA, Warthog, REMINGTON: RM380; RM380 w/Crimson Trace, ROHRBAUGH: R9, R9S, 380, 380S, ROSSI: R351, R352 J-Frame 2 Inch BBL, RUGER: LCP, LCP II; LCP, LCP II w/Crimson Trace, RUGER: LC9, LC9S, LC380, RUGER: LC9, LC9S, LC380 w/Crimson Trace, RUGER: LCR, LCRx Revolvers 2 Inch BBL, RUGER: Security-9, RUGER: SP101, RUGER: SR22, RUGER: SR9c/SR40c Compact, RUGER: SR9c, SR40c Compact w/Crimson Trace, SCCY (SKKY): CPX-1, CPX-2, S&W: 315, 317, 340, 351, 360, 442 J-Frame 2 Inch BBL, S&W: 3913LS, 469, 669, 6904, 6906, 908, 909, CS9, S&W: 637, 638, 640, 642, 649 J-Frame 2 Inch BBL, S&W: Bodyguard .380, S&W: Bodyguard .38 SPECIAL, S&W: CS9, S&W: M&P 9mm, M&P 40 Compact, S&W: M&P Shield, S&W: M&P Shield w/Crimson Trace, S&W: M&P 340, M&P 360, S&W: SW990L Compact, SIG: P220 Compact, P224, P239, P250 Compact, P290, SIG: P230, P232, SIG: P238; P238 w/Crimson Trace, SIG: P320 Sub Compact, SIG: P365, SIG: P365 XL, SIG: P938; P938 w/Crimson Trace, SPRINGFIELD: 911 .380 ACP, SPRINGFIELD: EMP, Micro, SPRINGFIELD: XD Subcompact 3 Inch BBL, SPRINGFIELD: XD Subcompact w/Crimson Trace, SPRINGFIELD: XD-S 9mm or 45 ACP, SPRINGFIELD: XD-S 9mm or 45 ACP w/Crimson Trace, STAR: Firestar, Ultra Star, STEYR: S9, STOEGER: Cougar, TAURUS: 58, TAURUS: Millennium Pro; Millennium Pro w/Crimson Trace, TAURUS: 24/7 Pro – Compact 3.3 Inch BBL, TAURUS: 609, 638, 708, 709 Slim, 740, 940, TAURUS: 709 Slim w/Crimson Trace, TAURUS: 651, 731, 85, 856, 94, CIA Revolvers J-Frame 2 Inch BBL, TAURUS: 738; 738 w/Crimson Trace, WALTHER: CCP, P22 Compact, P99C Compact, PK380, PPS, WALTHER: PPK & PPKs, WILSON: Sentinel Ultra Compact


Right Hand Draw, Left Hand Draw

Sizes/Fit List

ASTRAA-60, Constable .380M
ASTRAA-75, A-80, A-90, A-100M
BERETTANANO 9mm, 9000S, PX4 STORM Sub-Compact, CougarC
BERETTANANO w/Crimson TraceC
BERSATHUNDER 380, FirestormM
BERSATHUNDER 9/40/.45 Compact ProM
CHARTER ARMSMag Pug, Off Duty, Pathfinder - J-Frame 2 Inch BBLM
CHARTER ARMSUndercover, Undercoverette - J-Frame 2 Inch BBLM
COLTAgent, Cobra, Detective Special, Lady Special, LawmanM
COLTDefender, New Agent, Officer ModelM
COLTMustang Pocketlite, Pocket Nine, PonyC
CZ70, 82M
CZ83, 2075 RAMIM
DIAMONDBACKDB-380 w/Crimson TraceK
EAAWitness Compact, Zastava EZ CompactM
EAAWindicator 2 Inch BBLM
EAAZastava M88M
GLOCK42 w/Crimson TraceM
GLOCK43 w/Crimson TraceMT
GLOCK26, 27, 33, 39MT
GLOCK26 w/Crimson TraceMT
H&KP2000 SK, P7/P7M8, USP Compact 9mm/.40MT
KAHRCW9, CW40, CW45, K9, K40, P9, P40, P45M
KAHRCM9, CM40, PM9, PM40, CT380, MK9, MK40C
KAHRCM9, CM40, PM9, PM40, CT380, MK9, MK40 w/Crimson TraceC
KAHRCM45, PM45 w/Crimson TraceM
KAHRP380, CW380K
KAHRP380, CW380 w/Crimson TraceK
KEL-TECP-3AT & P-32 w/Crimson TraceK
KEL-TECPF-9 w/Crimson TraceM
KIMBERUltra Carry, Ultra Elite, Ultra CDPC
KIMBERSolo 9 9mm, Micro Carry 380C
PARA ORDCarry, CCO, HAWG, P10, P12, PDA, WarthogM
REMINGTONRM380 w/Crimson TraceK
ROHRBAUGHR9, R9S, 380, 380SM
ROSSIR351, R352 J-Frame 2 Inch BBLM
RUGERLC9, LC9S, LC380 w/Crimson TraceMT
RUGERLCP, LCP II w/Crimson Trace 380K
RUGERLCR, LCRx Revolvers 2 Inch BBLMT
RUGERSR9c Compact / SR40c CompactM
RUGERSR9c, SR40c Compact w/Crimson TraceMT
S&W315, 317, 340, 351, 360, 442 J-Frame 2 Inch BBLM
S&W3913LS, 469, 669, 6904, 6906, 908, 909, CS9M
S&W637, 638, 640, 642, 649 J-Frame 2 Inch BBLM
S&WBodyguard .380K
S&WBodyguard .38 SPECIALM
S&WM&P 9mm, M&P 40 CompactM
S&WM&P ShieldM
S&WM&P Shield w/Crimson TraceMT
S&WM&P 340, M&P 360M
S&WSW990L CompactC
SIGP220 Compact, P224, P239, P250 Compact, P290C
SIGP230, P232M
SIGP238 w/Crimson TraceK
SIGP320 Sub CompactMT
SIGP938 w/Crimson TraceC
SPRINGFIELDXD Subcompact w/Crimson TraceMT
SPRINGFIELDXD-S 9mm or 45 ACP w/Crimson TraceMT
STARFirestar, Ultra StarMT
TAURUSMillennium Pro - 111, 132, 138, 140, 145, 745MT
TAURUSMillennium Pro (All Models) w/Crimson TraceMT
TAURUS24/7 Pro - Compact 3.3 Inch BBLMT
TAURUS609, 638, 708, 709 Slim, 740, 940M
TAURUS651, 731, 85, 856, 94, CIA Revolvers J-Frame 2 Inch BBLM
TAURUS709 Slim w/Crimson TraceMT
TAURUS738 w/Crimson TraceK
WALTHERCCP, P22 Compact, P99C Compact, PK380, PPSM
WILSONSentinel Ultra CompactM

23 reviews for Concealed Carry Gun Holster IWB Push Draw

  1. Robert C.

    The best I have used so far with my Glock 43.
    I love the ultra deep conceal. Not much sticking up above the belt line at all.

  2. Mike

    Great holster I own a couple of good holsters from active progear and this is one of them

  3. Splinter87

    Great product. Highly recommended for those looking for a deep conceal options.


    I’VE been using this model for quite some time for my concealed carry holster. I like this model so well that I also purchased 2 more for my other caliber pistols. They are comfortable inside the pants and totally out of sight without a jacket.

  5. Cory Virginia

    Added this holster to my collection and it is now #1. I am on my feet a lot at work and like appendix carry, this setup has worked best for me. A++

  6. Matthew Winters

    Paired this holster with the IWB clip mag holder and it is my EDC holster. I switch in between my XDS and SR9C. Both fit in same holster and disappear once on. Highly recommended.

  7. Timothy Charles

    Appendix carry is your preference? Then buy this holster you will not regret it.

  8. James Kreamer

    It is a good holster and my only beef with it is,the metal ridge that the spring clip rests on!! Maybe it is a old fart thing but I have some difficulty holding it open and getting it over the belt without the ridge part pushing the jeans down!! Pain in the butt!! Don’t feel I need to work that hard to get a holster on in the AIWB!!

  9. Dennis

    Top top holster! Quality and best concealment for an appendix holster.

  10. Gruntman

    I like it. Used with a Shield w/ crimson trace laser. Comfortable for an appendix holster.

  11. Jerry

    Simply the best holster I have. Carry my Shield or LC9 in it every day. Has outperformed holsters double the price. Sits deep and out of sight while not compromising comfort.

  12. Rainman

    I like it a lot, I do not love it because i wish the clip was adjustable.

  13. William

    Very satisfied customer. This holster conceals great and works very well. I suggest practicing your draw at the beginning.

  14. Zach

    Best holster I’ve had in a long time, now have 2 sizes.

  15. Lou

    Durable and comfortable, thumbs up! Used with an XDS.

  16. Thomas Johnson

    Works great.


    I really like this holster for my Springfield 911. I don’t like to carry when out doing daily chores because I’m afraid of accidentally exposing my firearm especially when their are kids around. This holster solved my problem and I now am able to carry almost anywhere despite the occasion. Needs a better a clip for the next model. Would buy again for a different gun as well.

  18. Kelly Antill

    I have been carrying my gun pretty much everyday with this holster and it is very comfortable.

  19. Johnny B. Goode

    I own several holsters for my Glock pistols. I carry a Glock 27 daily and need it to print as little as possible. This below the waist holster is the best clip on holster I have tried so far. It is reasonable comfortable, well made and durable. My only complaint is that I had to glue the trim flat as the muzzle of the pistol was impeded by the uneven stitching. After the gluing, it works fine.

  20. Conor Novack

    Love the holster! Had issues concealing with a kydex one because the grip would stick out of my shirt. I wanted something that I could conceal wearing just a tshirt. Thought the push draw would slow me down. It isnt as fast a kydex, but I can draw the gun in under 2 seconds and get on target so not too bad. I love this holster and would definitely get another one!

  21. Jeffrey Lanham

    Just received my Concealed Carry Gun Holster IWB Push Draw and I love it.
    I dont even know (and neither does anybody else) I am carrying my M&P Shield 9mm.
    I have several of your belt pouches for various guns so I knew this would be a quality made holster, but being a short plump guy I wondered about this being comfortable, but so far this is very comfortable.
    Now I have the choice to comfortably carry concealed no matter where I go or in the belt pouch when I dont need to be concerned with concealment.
    Right now I have this in my waistband and my .380 S&W Bodyguard in the belt pouch on my side.
    Two guns with me, the 9mm invisible to others and the .380 looks like I have a cell phone or something with me.

  22. mdw

    I have tried lots of IWB concealment holsters and this is the absolute BEST! I have a whole drawer full of holsters I used previously and nothing is as comfortable, concealed and easily accessible as the Push Draw. So comfy behind my pocket that I forget I am wearing it.

  23. Preston Fong

    I have bought both versions of this “Push Draw IWB” holster. I thought the first version was very good, conceals the weapon beneath the belt lever.. but the clip was very difficult to snap into place and the edges put holes in many of my shirts.

    The second version with the smooth plastic clip is much easier, although it does come off the belt sometimes because it lacks the clip tension and I’m waiting to see how durable the plastic is.

    I have a drawer full of different concealment holsters of every type… I don’t use any of them now.
    I wear this model day and night and it’s comfortable.

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