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Belt Tourniquet Holder


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The Ultimate Belt Tourniquet Holder!

When your life or that of your family is on the line, it is best to be ready for the unknown. As they say, you never know when you’ll become the first responder. Carrying medical gear is a vital part of being prepared for any medical emergency. Our new Belt Tourniquet Holder is the perfect solution to help you have a tourniquet with you for such emergencies.

Uncontrolled heavy bleeding can result in death in as little as 2-4 minutes, even before EMS personnel arrive. Blood loss is the leading cause of potentially preventable death among trauma victims. Falling, car accidents, stab wounds, gunshot wounds, natural disasters, and a variety of other events are all potential causes.

Carrying a life-saving tourniquet can make all the difference in whether you or a loved one survive a life-threatening injury. When faced with such an injury, not having a tourniquet on hand puts you at a considerable disadvantage. Between injuries, first responders, and hospital treatment, a lot of time can pass. It’s what you do during this time that can make all the difference between life and death.


Our both-end-open, ambidextrous, belt tourniquet holder is the perfect solution for carrying a tourniquet in a low-profile urban environment. It allows you to discreetly carry your tourniquet comfortably with you all the time. Compact and lightweight, they are easy to conceal, and put your tourniquet close at hand for quick access and snag-free, one-handed extraction. It slides onto your belt with a stitched belt loop. You can also use it to carry a multi-tool, small flashlight, knife, small OC spray, or similar-sized items.

  • Designed to fit CAT, SOFT-T tourniquets, and other similarly sized items.
  • A low-profile horizontal carry prevents the tourniquet from rubbing against your skin for a comfortable all-day carry.
  • Horizontal carry allows the fastest access possible.
  • Made from heavy-duty USA-made elastic. The elastic will firmly keep the tourniquet carrier in place. Double-stitched at stress points with high-tensile strength bonded nylon thread for long life.
  • Universal fit. Easily attaches to almost any belt up to 1½ inches.
  • Designed to carry a life-saving tourniquet on your belt, rifle sling, backpack strap, purse strap, and many other strap-based items.
  • For a single tourniquet.
  • For either right or left-hand access.
  • Designed and made in the USA.

In a high-stress emergency, our simple design keeps your tourniquet secured and within reach of both hands, eliminating the need for time-consuming steps like removing snaps, Velcro, or flaps.

Weighs just .5 oz (14.2 grams) and is 4” x 2.875” (10.6cm x 7.3cm)

Easy to use. Simply pull the tourniquet, with either hand, out of the holder. It allows for a smooth pull-out for fast, easy one-handed deployment when applying self-aid.


If you’re not more than delighted with the Belt Tourniquet Holders’ quality construction, unsurpassed versatility, and comfort, just return it within one year of purchase for a full refund.



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