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Magazine Carrier-Horizontal Carry

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The ultimate magazine carrier for concealed carry

When your life or that of your family is on the line, it is best to be ready for the unknown. You never know if you’ll be facing several assailants instead of just one. How about if, under the stress of the situation, you miss your target and run out of ammo? Or you accidentally eject the magazine? What if your handgun malfunctions or if the magazine breaks and you have to dump the magazine to clear it? That’s when you need an extra magazine carrier.

Our open-top, ambidextrous, OWB Single Magazine Carrier is the perfect solution for carrying a spare magazine. It enables you to conveniently carry your extra magazine comfortably with you all the time. Compact and lightweight, they are easy to conceal and keep your magazine close at hand so you can reload quickly. A sewn belt loop lets you slide it onto your belt. It also carries a multi-tool, a small flashlight, a knife, a small OC spray can, or similar-sized items.

Two models to choose from. The original fast-access open front and the new retention strap style. Constructed identically to the original, the retention strap model includes a unique safety strap that retains the magazine but allows rapid removal to access the magazine. The strap is adjustable to accommodate magazines of different lengths, or it can be completely removed. To access the magazine, you can just pull up or down on the strap’s built-in tab or detach the strap from the Velcro end.

  • Horizontal carry prevents the magazine from rubbing against your skin for a comfortable all-day carry.
  • Horizontal carry allows the fastest draw possible.
  • Made from heavy-duty elastic. The elastic will firmly keep the magazine carrier in place. Double-stitched at stress points with bonded nylon thread for long life.
  • Sizes for both single or double-stack magazines.
  • For a single magazine.
  • For Right Hand/Left Hand Draw.
  • Fits belts up to 1¾ inches.
  • Designed and Made in the USA.

Double Stack Size: Fits magazine such as GLOCK 26/19/17, Springfield Hellcat, SIG P365, S&W Shield
Small Single Stack Size: Fits magazines such as Ruger LCP, Kahr PM9, S&W Bodyguard

If you’re not more than delighted with the Horizontal Belt Magazine Carriers’ quality construction, unsurpassed versatility, and comfort, just return it within one year of purchase for a full refund.


16 reviews for Magazine Carrier-Horizontal Carry

  1. Eric C

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for. The perfect way to carry an extra magazine without any added bulk. You can’t even tell you’re wearing it. I would highly recommend to anyone. Excellent product!

  2. jSmitty

    The best, get one!

  3. LizardMan

    Thank you for a first rate quality horizontal magazine holder!

  4. Vic

    This is a very good magazine hauler it will hold your magazines tightly without a problem it works perfectly!

  5. Katie

    This idea is perfect for the single stack 9 magazines! I have my spare Glock 43 magazine all day every day on my belt with no issues. The magazine holds securely without being so tight it cannot be quickly drawn. It slides easily over everyday 1.5″ reinforced Cordura belts as well as my leather dress belts. It has held the mag while biking and hiking. I keep my mag with the finger extension down so there is no possibility of pinching. It completely disappears on a black belt and even remains inconspicuous on a contrasting color belt. Well built sleeve!

  6. Jason

    Just received this product , and wanted to say, this is best invention ever! Simple and effective! Love the idea and concept! I am sharing this with everyone I know!
    Thank you!

  7. Cris

    Love this for carrying a second spare while carrying appendix. Great quality, and holds a 15 round P365 mag very snuggly. Part of my edc now.

  8. Fred T

    Simple design and perfect application!

  9. KC

    Was worried about retention. Wore all day doing construction, very secure!!!

  10. Mike T

    Bought my first one in February 2020 and put a mag in it everyday whenever I went out. Sometimes several times in one day I would put the mag in and take it out to store it. Around October/November my mag was somehow falling out of the elastic holder. I’m guessing that the elastic has a life span of about 8-9 months of everyday use. But I still give it a five star rating for comfort and concealment. Just realize that it will wear out. Its not Kydex.

  11. Robert M Kissinger

    I really like the sideways design will buy more.

  12. Mark Telep

    I was carrying my spare mag in my left front pocket. Other carriers were either too bulky or showed!!! This one works!!!! Fits any magazine!!

  13. johnny

    been using leather double 45 mag carrier weak side iwb for many yesrs… decided to go single horizional… showed up in 2 days… super fast shipping… this model 72 is 100% pro… its so simple… easy snatch from concealment at the range today… its perfect… why did i wait so long…

  14. Nate

    Best way to carry that spare mag. This is the best solution I have found for conceal-ability as well as comfort.

  15. Luis

    Very happy to get my extra mag out of my pocket! Must buy!

  16. Leonard

    Awesome design!

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