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Belt Quick Release Holster

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Better Than A Paddle Holster

If you need to put on and take off a holster quickly, without having to remove your belt, the Belt Quick Release Holster is more stable, secure, and comfortable than a paddle holster. The flat, low profile of this design effectively conceals your gun. The holster contours to the shape of your hip and keeps your gun close to your body making it very comfortable for extended, all-day concealed carry, even with large guns.

The Belt Quick Release Holster attaches to the belt with two loops positioned in front and behind the gun using two pairs of heavy-duty locking snap fasteners for added security. This set-up provides maximum stability and firm placement on your belt.

  • RIDES: Rides with a slight forward angle for a quick and smooth draw even while seated.
  • COMBAT GRIP: Provides a full combat grip.
  • QUALITY PRODUCT: Made of waterproof foam for a comfortable carry and to protect the gun from moisture and rugged Cordura® nylon for durability and a smooth, fast draw.
  • THUMB BREAK: (Sold separately) Optional removable and adjustable thumb break for quick, easy access and to keep your gun secure. They are made with high-quality snaps and steel reinforced to ensure a quick and precise release every time.
  • BELTS: Fits belts up to 1½” wide.
  • DESIGN: Open muzzle design allows the use of guns with different barrel lengths.
  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS: You have immediate access to your gun.
  • FAST DRAW: Allows for a smooth, fast draw.
  • FOR BOTH: Fits both men and women
  • FINEST MATERIALS: We use only the finest bonded nylon thread and all stress points are double stitched for extra strength and durability.
  • USA: Designed and Made in the USA.

Notice: This holster is designed for maximum concealment. It is NOT intended for one-handed re-holstering and should not be used for such applications.

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This card reveals, step-by-step, exactly what to do after the confrontation ends and the confusion begins. It has vital information to protect you!
If you carry a gun for protection, you can’t risk being without this card. Get your card absolutely free, just by trying the Belt Quick Release Holster!

If you’re not more than delighted with Belt Quick Release Holster’s quality construction, unsurpassed versatility and comfort, just return it within one year for a full refund. You still get to keep your free gift—The Self-Defense Guideline Card—as a way of saying “thanks for giving the Belt Quick Release Holster a try”

Fits most handguns such as Glock 19, 26, 43, Sig Sauer P365, Beretta, Springfield Hellcat, M&P Shield, Ruger LC9, Taurus, Kahr, Kimber, Kel Tec, Bersa, Walther, S&W, 380, 40 Auto, 38 special, 45 ACP, 357, 9mm, 10mm, and many more.

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11 reviews for Belt Quick Release Holster

  1. Anthony Claudio

    Holds my MK9 snug. Good holster for owb, and quick to remove.

  2. B. Hoilman

    Excellent product! Highly recommended!

  3. Marty

    Holds tight to the body and conceals perfectly, a very comfortable holster.

  4. Troy

    As others state holds tight to body and conceals perfectly. Used everyday with no complaints, have recommended.

  5. Benjamin

    Exactly what i was after. Holds my Sig tight to body.

  6. Chris E

    Model 27-26 Belt Quick Release Holster, This is my fourth holster from active pro gear, To me they seem to be less noticeable and hold closer to your body then others. Great quality, and good prices !! You can’t go wrong, Thanks..

  7. Baz

    I have used several different holsters in the last few years an have finally found one that is truly a concealed holster that does not have to be in an IWB. Love the way it feels and wears. Also love the thumb break. Simple and holds the weapon in place and does not complicate the draw.

  8. Bruno

    I use the 27-26 holster either for my Kimber covert 45ACP with a crimson trace or with my Springfield XDS-3 45 ACP. Although recently purchased the holster is of good quality, holds the pistol firm without print and can be easily drawn. It is much harder to re-holster but an be easily detached and applied to your belt. In my case I have a choice of which gun I can carry as my CCW. Reasonably priced nd expect to get good use out of the 27-26 holster.

  9. James Straus

    I am using the 27-26 for my Walther CCP carry weapon. I agree with Mark, the same design that keeps in tight to the body makes it difficult to re-holster. I’m not sure how that could be remedied. It’s been 40 years since I have even been close to having a flat stomach, so all the IWB holsters do not work for me. I use this one as a cross draw on my left side. I have a shoulder injury that does not allow me to draw from the right side, though I am right handed. This style hold tight to the body and in a higher position than most and does not print.

  10. Mark

    I use this holster for my Glock 26 pistol. It holds it securely and flat against my body making it and excellent conceal carry holster. The only improvement I would do to it is making the opening To holster more user friendly. Once the pistol is pulled out, the opening closes up making it very difficult to reholster the pistol.

  11. Jimi

    So far I’m very impressed with this holster. I got 27-194ct for my Bersa Thunder .380 with crimson trace laser and the fit is good. The design allows you to easily attach or detach the holster with your belt on. It comes with a thumb break, so I feel confident that my firearm won’t go anywhere as I go about my daily activities. It’s a great mix of accessibility and concealibility.

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